Siemens introduces new energy management system for distributed resources

We have complete solution for an energy management system

SIMETAL EMS - Energy Management Systems
Siemens EcoView™ | A Proven Energy Management System

A sophisticated system solution for both, the environment and your budget: energy transparency for optimized energy flows. Energy costs alone typically account for 20 to 30% of total production costs in the iron and steel industries. A large proportion of these costs can be avoided by improved energy awareness and associated measures.The SIMETAL Energy Management System (EMS) is a modularly configurable and scalable set of flexible combinations of energy management modules for different automation levels and production units and can easily be integrated into existing systems. It supports the improvement of energy efficiency and environmental compatibility with a clear focus to cut energy related costs and reduce CO 2 emissions. The SIMETAL Energy Management System (EMS) provides you with detailed information and the transparency required for revealing actual energy consumption by allocation of the actual use of energy to the individual consumer, e.g. to single process steps, cost centers, or product units. It helps to utilize the energy in the network, to predict and optimize energy demands of various consumers, to coordinate energy producers and consumers, to allocate energy as required, and to minimize load peaks, high tariff rates and energy waste as flaring.

Main benefits of SIMETAL Energy Management System:
​* Significant energy savings thanks to maximum transparency of energy demand, energy costs and consumption
* Reliable cost control through automated reporting with informative display and meaningful indicators (KPIs)
​* Consumption-optimized load profiles through avoidance of peak loads and flare losses thanks to monitoring, planning and optimization of consumption
​* Reliable prediction of energy demand through the use of mathematical simulation and computational models
​* Greater competitiveness thanks to permanent reduction of total energy costs
​* Long-term security of investment due to simple, phased expansion with standardized and individualized function modules
​* EN 16001-(ISO 50001-) compliant reporting and documentation