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The Control & Automation business of Techsys offers integrated Electrical & Automation solutions for Oil & Gas, Cement, Metal and other Manufacturing industries, Infrastructure as well as utilities like Power and Water. We have experience of over four decades in diverse segments and proven capabilities across the entire value chain - comprising Proposals, Design, Engineering, Project Planning, Integration, Software Development, Integrated testing / FAT, Commissioning / SAT and After-Sales Service.

Transmitters for maximum efficiency in process Instrumentation.

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Efficient automation starts with efficient engineering
Efficiency driving productivity

Efficiency and productivity are decisive success factors for manufacturing industries. Engineering plays a central role in this especially as it relates to ever more complex machinery and plants. For that reason, a high level of efficiency is already demanded at the engineering stage, as the first step toward better production: faster, more flexible, and more intelligent. Siemens has an intelligent answer to this: Totally Integrated Automation.

Type youis an esteemed manufacturer and supplier of Power and Automation Control Panels that comprises of Electrical AMF Panels, Electrical PLC Panels, Electrical APFC Panels, Electrical MCC Panels, and Electrical PCC Panels.

Our company has specialization in Low Voltage Control Panels like Main LT Panels, APFC Capacitor bank Panels, Power Motor Control Centre, Power Control Centre, Motor Control Centre, Synchronizing Panel, Control & Relay Panels.